Final Game: Sunday Dec. 15th @ 9:00am-2:00pm

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Your party is currently 12th level, and includes…

Koko, an elderly grung druid, healer, and curmudgeon who bought her mate Bobo time against the Death Curse, claimed the "Hand of Guipguip", and took the crown of Dungrunglung.

Scomett-Nilc, a lizardfolk shaman in self-imposed exile haunted by the Devourer's touch which robbed him of his sacred visions, who literally found his god during his travels.

Yargle Sharptooth, a Batiri goblin paladin on a holy mission from his god, who slew his mad queen, defeated the warband pursuing him, and came face to face with an old goblin deity.

Xane the Bladewind, a gladiator turned adventurer who came to Omu to defeat the King of Feathers, end the Death Curse, and gain glory.

NPC Companions

Artus Cimber famed adventurer-in-hiding and bearer of the Ring of Winter

Dragonbait saurial champion of a world life-drained by Acererak

Lomar Dral a puttering old Harper mage whom the PCs rescued from the yuan-ti

Kanush Natombe a tribesman whom the PCs rescued from the yuan-ti

Beast Companions

Maka SCOMETT's archaeopteryx lookout

Mau-o SCOMETT's deinonychus companion blessed with darkvision

Sir Stampington RANDOLF's pack ankylosaurus

Hootsworthy RANDOLF'S owl familiar

Spike the Duke of Chomp YARGLE's undead t-rex mount

Retired/Inactive Party Members

Drake Freeman (retired), an archaeologist and bard seeking a relic called the Eye of Xaltec. Last seen researching & scribing scrolls in the aarakocra settlement Kir Sabal.

E’kama Natombe (retired), a grimly humorous Chultan ranger reclaiming ancestral lands from the undead.

Content Not Found: indigo-sequoia, a tabaxi monk and sailor, haunted by the Devourer's touch, successfully un-petrified his stone mouse, geased to uplift the tabaxi in Chult from oppression. He retired in Port Nyanzaru to pursue becoming a "Beggar Prince."

Pallas Ravenwood (retired), a half-elven magic-user searching for the mysteries of his elven heritage and draconic connection. He left the party to search jungles for an elven shipwreck with his father Paeral.

Salleek (retired), an inquisitive young aarakocra monk of Kir Sabal seeking a relic called the Navel of the Moon and struggling to keep his faith. He left the party to search for a way to destroy the Hand of Vecna.

Yu Hu (retired), a tabaxi monk sent by the Emperor of Shou Lung to investigate the Death Curse, briefly freed from grung slavery, only to be returned to Dungrunglung days later.

PC Deaths

Randolf Longfellow, a learned human archeologist mage for whom the mysteries of the Death Curse are bound to a family legacy, and who carries the amnesiac lich's skull. Killed by the deathly aura of Queen M'bobo the zoblin lord.

NPC/Beastie Deaths

Gowl a petrified mercenary found in Nangalore, formerly in employ of the Red Wizards, unpetrified by PCs using basilisk gland oil, and offered his guide services for hire, becoming the PCs' dinosaur handler, only to be killed in a trap set by the Sewn Sisters

P'paht: green grung killed while following Koko's command to offer diamond at Ras Nsi's tithing obelisk

Rashaaz: exiled Akabkan lizardfolk shaman, thrown off Kir Sabal by attacking gargoyles

Whisper a doppelganger and fledgling mage impersonating Artus Cimber out of a twisted sense of friendship and desire to be a hero, he met his end at the claws of troglodytes in Kuluth-Mar the Sideways City