Lizardfolk shaman turned rogue


Scomett sheet

N male lizardfolk (gecko) / hermit / rogue (swashbuckler) 5, warlock (raven queen) 3 / touched by the devourer


Scomett-Nilc was born in the Zopchik tribe 33 years ago. At a young age he began having prophetic dreams and soon became a tribal shaman and seer. In order to focus on medicine and his “sight”, he began life as a hermit away from his tribe. Scomett would still be sought out by lizardfolk seeking healing or prophecy, and traded with nearby jungle dwarves, but learned to live quite alone for nearly two decades.
A strange new dream left Scomett with a hand-shaped burn on his hand, and after finding a half-dead tabaxi with the same mark, he set out with Indigo in search of answers to their shared dilemma.


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