Tomb of Annihilation

#2. Guide Politics & Into the Jungle

21st Day of the Death Curse.

Heart of the Wild. Waking at Wakanga’s estate, PCs found Wakanga and Lass Killer in baths. Wakanga cut a deal with captive Captain Lass Killer, who knows how to find the Daijobi Senga – the Heart of the Wild – which Wakanga has been searching for. This mythical gemstone was imbued with Ubtao’s power, the essence of life, and was regarded as sacred by Mezro’s College of Wizards. Lass Killer knows of a sage named Wainrath of the Tamalka tribe (river-farers who broke the rule of “training one mage per clan” & were tasked to serve the College of Wizards ever since) who knows of the Daijobi Senga. Lass Killer spared Wainrath’s life when capturing a merchant sloop that Wainrath was aboard. The Tamalka tribe live in a village about a week’s travel from Port Nyanzaru, buttressing the Mistcliffs.

About the lich’s skull. Wakanga was curious about PCs’ dungeon delve in which they found the lich's skull, so they related what happened…

Prologue (I ran a flashback storytelling scene using a card mini-game, the players creating the narrative of their first dungeon together): Somewhere on an island off Calimshan… the PCs found the “Tomb of Punnihilation”! At the entrance they faced flying monkeys and gained a potion of shunning; Indigo saved E’kama’s life from the monkeys by biting one. Their contact Lhara Kroft sadly died – eaten by a t-rex – but left them her trusty whip. The tomb was also guarded by raptors, but the PCs bypassed them to find a secret room in which they learned about liches, specifically the location of the phylactery of the lich's skull! There had to be snakes! At the tomb’s climax, they faced an evil spirit naga and narrowly managed to defeat it; however, nagas are immortal creatures and it came back. They managed to flee with the skull…which turns out is sentient. This skull senses the prescence of a powerful undead force somewhere in Chult that acts as a gateway to the Negative Energy Plane.


Wizard's Journal Scrap. Wakanga gave KOKO a Wizard's Journal scrap (Handout).

The Cartographer. The PCs visited gnomish cartographer Carter Tuttletomb, and paid 30 gp to copy details from his maps. E’KAMA gave a drop of his blood to Syndra Silvane to have a magical locating map keyed to him commissioned by Tuttletomb; this way Syndra could follow PCs progress from afar.

Illegal Guides. Following INDIGO’s lead, the PCs visited a tavern in Port Nyanzaru’s Old City, The Holdup, and discovered the owner Miboro Yan was missing. They spoke with Jhejhe (softspoken teenage Chultan boy) who arranged meet with illegal guides River Mist & Flask of Wine. After finishing buying supplies, the PCs met the sibling tabaxi guides but were ambushed by the monopolist merchant prince Jobal’s thugs who they defeated.

Into the jungle. PCs enter jungle with guides, following River Tiryki…


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