Tomb of Annihilation

#1. Pirates & Merchant Princes

20th Day of the Death Curse.

Fighting Pirates. PCs were aboard The Brazen Pegasus when attacked by the pirate ship Stirge. They drove off the pirates, forcing pirate Captain Lass Killer to yield. However, the sea warlock Calldos Hellingskorn betrayed Lass Killer and took command of the Stirge, last seen on fire (thanks to KOKO) fleeing to the west. The PCs took 3 captives: Captain Lass Killer, “Heel” (half-orc ship’s mate), and a nameless pirate.

Dragon Turtle Tribute. Aremag the dragon turtle demanded tribute, which Captain Ortimay (gnomish captain of The Brazen Pegasus) had in spades. However, it demanded even more. SCOMMET threw his sack of gold overboard, thus appeasing the avaricious dragon turtle.

Sick Archmage & Company of the Yellow Banner. PCs spoke with the sick archmage Syndra Silvane, who mentioned the missing Company of the Yellow Banner – adventurers once working with Syndra who’d lost contact shortly after arriving in Port Nyanzaru where they found a guide and headed to the River Olung. The PCs made a deal with Syndra to report their investigations in exchange for her divinations & contact with her merchant prince friend Wakanga O’tamu.

Lich’s Skull. Conversing with the sentient lich’s skull, the PCs discover he is amnesiac. His name might have been Alokkair, Kangaxx, Klaxx, Skall, Xykon, or… something with a K or an X… he’s not sure. Regardless, he recalls being destroyed by adventurers and instead of reforming in his phylactery, he found his consciousness trapped in a crystalline cylinder of blue light. He bartered for his escape with a witch who had gold coins over her eyes, and then his consciousness zoomed across jungles full of dinosaurs and an ocean before he found himself back in his skull. Not his phylactery, like should have happened. His skull. He can’t remember the terms of the deal he made, but remembers the witch cackling about “the Soulmonger.” He suspects that other liches must be investigating what is happening in Chult, particularly Szass Tam and his Red Wizards of Thay, and possibly Larloch the Netherese lich.

Rokah’s Deal. Docking in Tiryki Anchorage, the PCs (along with Syndra Silvane, her apprentice Xandala, and Captain Ortimay) escorted a bound Captain Lass Killer. Along the way they met a shady man named Rokah – working for the merchant princess Zhanthi and/or the Zhentarim – who offered a “charter of exploration” & “contacts” in exchange for PCs getting evidence that pirates are in league with the Flaming Fist. The PCs acquired the charter, making a tentative deal with Rokah.

Meeting with Wakanga. PCs met the merchant prince Wakanga O’tamu who accepted the “gift” of Captain Lass Killer gratefully, answering several questions about the Death Curse & various factions in Port Nyanzaru (including the treasure-hunting Flaming Fist, the neo-colonial Zhentarim, merchant prince Jobal who governs official guides, and merchant princess Zhanthi who has royal blood of Tuama family).


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