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Alia teth Mihrael An elven lich ("baelnorn") released from demiplane prison by PCs, who subsequently rallied the shadow elves ("Umbragen") of Chult to attack Acererak in Omu, leading to a bloody massacre of the shadow elves, the baelnorn's death, and Acererak's capture of her special clone-phylactery knowledge.

Artus Cimber A legendary explorer wielding the Ring of Winter (and possibly under its influence), allegedly off on a quest somewhere in eastern Chult, and who allied with the party and joined them in the Tomb of the Nine Gods.

Asharra Canny elder aarakocra mage governing Kir Sabal, revered as a living saint known as "Teacher" by the aarakocra.

Baggy Nanna One of the Sewn Sisters who wore a sack over her head in which three animals seemed to squirm about – a dog, a rooster, and a snake. Baggy Nanna assumed the guise of a lizardfolk mage and was advising the Lizard Emperor, before the PCs assassinated her in Session #43.

Captain Lass Killer A pirate taken captive by PCs, but who cut a deal with Wakanga O'tamu.

Captain Ortimay Swift and Dark A gnomish smuggler and captain of the Brazen Pegasus.

Dragonbait A saurial warrior and survivor of world drained of life by the Devourer, PCs met him in Mezro, formerly cursed by Widow Groat to be unable to share what he knows of the Death Curse but PCs lifted the curse, eventually he parted ways in Nangalore after moral differences. However, the PCs rescued Dragonbait from yuan-ti in the Fane of the Night Serpent and recovered his holy avenger, causing him to agree to join them in the Tomb of the Nine Gods.

Flask of Wine A roguish tabaxi guide, brother to River Mist, he returned to Port Nyanzaru with INDIGO.

Gowl A petrified mercenary found in Nangalore, unpetrified by the PCs using their last basilisk gland oil, and offered his guide services for hire. Gowl was killed by a magic trap set in a banyan treehouse by the Sewn Sisters in Session #44.

Jhejhe 12 year-old boy surviving in Port Nyanzaru's Old City by taking bets.

K-Hckar Head aarakocra monk at Kir Sabal who suffered madness caused by the "Witch of the Wastes" (Widow Groat) who magically-induced nightmares.

King Groak Mad grung king ruling over Dungrunglung, hunting down conspiracy against him, and seeking to summon the goddess Nangnang to mate with her. He was deposed and executed by KOKO in Session #26.

Mwaxanare 17-year-old haughty Omuan girl who claims her lineage traces back to Omuan royalty, along with her 6-year-old brother Na she is a ward of the aarakocra at Kir Sabal.

Miboro Yan Beloved proprietor of The Holdup tavern in Port Nyanzaru's Old City.

Nathad Bandit rescued from grung by SCOMETT, then traded into slavery with "queen" Zalkore in Nangalore.

Paeral Academic elven father of Pallas, who once lived in Mezro and led the Mage Hunters. He and his son went off on an adventure together.

Peggy Deadbells One of the Sewn Sisters who had a peg leg and exhaled noxious fumes, and Nightmare Haunted the PCs across Chult. Dark legends were told about Peggy Deadbells, but she remained elusive…

Ppaht A blue grung rescued from the eblis at Raptor's Roost, but led to his untimely death at the Tithing Obelisk in Session #19 by KOKO.

Rashaaz A lizardfolk shaman exiled from the Akabkan tribe, who died facing gargoyles during attack on Kir Sabal in Session #19.

Ras Nsi An exiled barae of Mezro who was once a mighty necromancer, believed by many to be a dead "bogeyman." The PCs cut a tense deal with Ras Nsi in Omu, but during the chaotic upheaval in the Fane of the Night Serpent, they ended up stealing his spellbook, earning them Ras Nsi's enmity.

Ras Tfima Barae of Mezro who fell due to the corrupting influence of the Ring of Winter, and sought redemption, being transformed into a death knight guarding Mezro. The PCs left a magic gem with him that held the last connection to the living Mezro which had been shunted to a demiplane.

River Mist An incisive tabaxi guide, sister to Flask of Wine, she returned to Port Nyanzaru with INDIGO.

Rokah Some kind of a spy working for merchant princess Zhanthi, for the Zhentarim, or perhaps for both, who wanted to prove Flaming Fist was in cahoots with pirates.

Qawasha Druid of the Emerald Enclave attempting to restore Chult to its former glory by safeguarding ancient lore.

Syndra Silvane An archmage suffering from the Death Curse who hired the Company of the Yellow Banner to investigate Death Curse (now missing in jungles), and recruited the PCs after meeting them aboard the Brazen Pegasus.

Wakanga Otamu A friendly merchant prince with monopoly on magic item trade in Port Nyanzaru.

Whisper A doppelganger and fledgling mage impersonating Artus Cimber out of a twisted sense of friendship and desire to be a hero. Whisper often mentioned his scattered/missing siblings. During Session #39, Whisper was killed by a horde of troglodytes serving the spirit naga Vormayal.

Widow Groat A night hag taking the guise of E'KAMA's deceased wife, she delights in trading magic and secrets, and is currently wedded to YARGLE.

Zagmira Leader of a group of Red Wizards in Omu, appearing as a teenage girl with one half of her face old and wizened. She set traps for the PCs at several shrines in Omu to coerce them into an "alliance" and then betrayed them at the Tomb's entrance, but the PCs managed to drive off Zagmira and the Red Wizards, who teleported away.

Zalkore Self-proclaimed queen of Omu residing in Nangalore, whom the party strongly suspected was a medusa.


Kir Sabal aarakocra cliffside settlement built around a monastery

Mezro a ruined holy city whose inhabitants dwell in a "living" city secreted away in a demiplane

Port Nyanzaru center of culture and commerce in Chult

Valley of Dread

Magic Items

Dagger of the Snake God 

Lifeblade Holy macahuitl holding spirit of the first Mage Hunter of Mezro; drained of its magic in ritual by KOKO to keep her mate Bobo alive.

Puzzles & Lore

Trickster God Puzzle Cubes from Session #49

Obelisk of Omu puzzle from Session #45 

Red Wizards puzzle journal from Session #27

Obelisk of Ras Nsi puzzle from Session #19

Temple of Ubtao puzzle from Session #13

Dais puzzle from Mezro from Session #10


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